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Sermonary App Review | Should Pastors Use It?

Sermonary Apps Overview

I have had to use the Sermonary app for a few months, even though I wasn’t sure. The sermonary app claims to be a podium that helps pastors write and preach their sermons easily. According to their website, Sermonary is a revolutionary tool that allows pastors to build their sermons more efficiently and effectively. With Sermonary, church leaders can write, present, and store their sermons on a single, dedicated platform.

My experience using it is positive. The platform’s simplicity and ease of use make Sermonary a choice tool for pastors. The app is easy to navigate, with helpful features like sermon themes, verse search, and a Bible reference library. I particularly appreciate its ability to save my work automatically, so I don’t have to worry about losing it. It also has a wide range of creative template options that help me craft customized, interactive sermon series and presentations.

Overall, the Sermonary App is an excellent resource for pastors looking to create and present their sermons quickly. Its simple yet powerful features make it the go-to tool for some pastors, especially those with excellent financial support, since you have to pay $77 monthly for the best use of Sermonary. However, I do not recommend it for pastors such as myself who have small churches or are bi-vocational. The $77 per month and even the lower $29 is still not worth it.

Access is Monthly

At first, it was fantastic having all the tools in one to type my sermon. I started with the 29.00 and moved to the $69 to experience the entire level of getting sermon illustrations. I missed my payment once and would not access my written sermon. One day, you cannot access your sermons after a missed payment. Some may say this is a business, so it’s expected. However, after spending hours writing a sermon and losing access, that is painful. If you want to use sermonary to store your speech, make sure you pay on time per month or for the entire year. I caught up with my payment that Monday but had to spend Sunday morning writing a new speech. Anyone with unlimited funding or who pays for the annual amount won’t have to worry about this, so I am only speaking to the small-time pastors.

Not Preaching Friendly

I was so excited when I first heard about Sermonary and the review from many of its users. But after some weeks, I needed help with the organization of the dashboard. There are too many sermons listed even after I no longer need them to be visible. The dashboard was not preaching-friendly, which can be time-consuming for a busy pastor. It also makes it hard for me to find sermon themes quickly. The first time I put it in podium mode, I could not read my sermon on my tablet. I tried enlarging the words but needed more time to go into the setting while preaching. After learning the next time, I set it to a good size and tried to use PowerPoint. However, I found out that to download my slide to PowerPoint; each section must be saved for that purpose. That is even more work to do.

In conclusion, while Sermonary has some outstanding features that can help pastors write and present sermons easily, I do not recommend it for those who are busy, bi-vocational, or have small churches. This review informs potential users of this app’s potential downsides. Ultimately, it’s up to each pastor to decide if the Sermonary is worth the try. Pastors can do almost everything you do on sermonary in Google drive. Google Drive is cheaper, more user-friendly, and less time-consuming. So review your options before jumping into the Sermonary. And if you have the resources to pay for it and have the time to use it, then go for it. But if you are like me, Sermonary isn’t a wise choice because it geared its expensive monthly payment only toward writing and storing your sermon on a cloud drive. Now, if it was writing a sermon for me, I may be open to using it.

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