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How to prepare for the presence of God in 2022

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to prepare to get the most out of your time with God. Your journal is an excellent tool for you to use for planning. Preparing your journal is like training your heart to be in the presence of God. Journaling will help you keep track of your thoughts and feelings throughout the year. It also provides a space for you to document any spiritual insights, prayers, or prophecies that you receive. You can use this information to look back on and see how God has been working in your life.

Another way to prepare is by setting goals. As you set your goals, make sure they are biblical and specific. Include time frames and measurable outcomes so that you can track your progress. Also, pray about your goals and ask God to help you achieve them. Prayers can help you focus on what God wants for your life, rather than the distractions that come with it. Setting spiritual goals will guide you during challenging times when you may be tempted to give up or lose sight of what is essential. Plus, journaling will help you keep track of your progress and successes!

Setting goals also helps you stay accountable for your actions throughout the year. So many people set spiritual goals telling no one else about them because they are afraid that if they don’t achieve their goal, others might think less of them or not believe; spiritual goals, on the other hand, let you work with God and not people.

Journaling and setting goals are two ways to prepare yourself for the new year. However, don’t forget to pray for your goals! God will help you achieve them if they align with His plan for your life.

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